Video Review

Posted by Heather Conrad at 10:49 PM

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Brynn wasn't feelin so hot today, so she and I sat down this morning and just chilled. There is something so peaceful about cuddling with a little one. I need to remember to do this more often :) As we discussed our video options, she mentioned to me that she wanted to watch the ant with the dress. Ummmm (as I scanned my "database" as to what she might be eluding too), I came up with nothin.

"What else happened in the movie honey?"

"The one with the fruit Olympics, and the strong ant, and the other ants who dance with a dress on and play strange music."


"Daddy's friend Mom, you know, Max Cucado."

"Ohhhhhh." Too funny.

So we snuggled and watched this creative tale of an ant named Antonio. Here's my humble review. Antonio is a strong ant, one that wins competitions, all to the chagrin of his caterpillar competitor by the name of Hermie. Antonio also leads his Army Ants in defending the garden from, say, Big Bully Croaker. But when some foreign ants move into the garden, their strange ways challenge Antonio to use something other than physical strength and military experience to solve a problem. Featuring Tim Conway as Hermie and special guest-star Fred Willard ("Wall-E", "Kim Possible", "Chicken Little", etc), I found myself smiling in adoration of these adorable characters. The DVD also includes the a the cartoon short "Caterpilla" (a spoof of Cinderella). The lesson is based on Luke 10:27 "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." (ICB) and discusses just how difficult it can be to love those who just seem to be an annoyance.

This DVD can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The authors portray a great model of the struggle that we face in hearing and knowing about choices God wants us to make, and just how difficult it can be to obey when it's not easy. The consequences of our choices will determine the outcome of our relationships. Great message to discuss with children and adults alike.

Have a great day! And while you're at it, show a neighbor some love!