Quiet waters

Posted by Heather Conrad at 11:05 PM

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"He leads me beside quiet waters..."

Ahhhhh, seems surreal doesn't it.

Just something about water...

For a moment, seems great to escape to a peaceful, tranquil place. Especially if someone can lead me there, I don't even have to plan it - bonus!

If there's one aspect of life that running has taught me - without water to replenish, the body cannot sustain a great amount of exertion. In fact, without water, life ends.

In a similar capacity, the human soul has a need for the water of the Spirit. God alone knows where the still, quiet, deep, clean, pure water is to be found that can satisfy His sheep and keep them fit.

W. Phillip Keller, once a shepherd himself, describes a time wen he watched native herds in Africa being led into enormous caverns cut from sandstone formation along the sandy rivers. They were like great rooms chiseled out of rocks with ramps running down to the water trough at the bottom. The herds and flocks were led down into these deep cisterns where cool, clear, clean water awaited them.

I believe that in the Christian life the same applies. Many of the places we may be led into will appear to us as dark, deep, dangerous, and somewhat disagreeable. We must remember that He is there with us in it, very much at work in the situation. It is His energy, effort, and strength expended on my behalf that even in in this deep, dark place produce amazing blessings. It it here I discover only He can really satisfy me. I discover I am the object of His special care and attention. He brings purpose, meaning and direction. I find life-giving, live-quenching, life-satisfying water. Jesus, the living water.

Have you taken a sip today?