A Run in the Sun

Posted by Heather Conrad at 7:39 PM

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Blue skies, shining on me, nothin but blue skies, do I see..." Yep, blue skies, palm trees, and mountains, doesn't get much better. What a blessing to share the weekend with my best friend and the fabulous Plant family who graciously welcomed us to the state of Arizona! Lots of memories, smooth travel, amazing sites, we serve a gracious God!
Here's a few moments that marked this race:

1. Watching ASU swimmers get ready for an outdoor meet at 6:45 am. - way cool!

2. People watching as we waited in the downtown park - 2 Elvises, 1 banana-man, several tu-tu skirts, 1 man wearing an inflatable turkey outfit, yes runners are unique.

3. John McCain gave us the thumbs up as we crossed the "starting line".

4. Around mile 1, Aaron says, "Wanna swing through McDonalds?"

5. Mile 2, a woman held a dry-erase board that said, "Run fast while you can still feel your legs!"

6. Crowded streets as we jumped up on the sidewalk a few times.

7. Hitting a fast pace at mile 4, not quite seeing that number again the rest of the race :)

8. A band played for us at every mile. One couple pulled off and danced together, then ran ahead of us each time.

9. Running through a "Rock Star" tunnel, over bridges, down the strip, all the while viewing mountains straight ahead.

10. Holding hands with my life-partner as we were able to cross-yet another finish line, thankful for the son-shine.

As we reminisced about memories on our flight home, we glanced out our window as we neared Columbus, viewing the "sea of clouds" from above. It was as if we were viewing a sunset, and what a marvelous site it was, from above the clouds, there was no darkness. In thinking of the moments that would soon pass, as we would be traveling underneath the clouds and darkness would come, the memories of the light still shone bright, will we chose to remember? We saw evidence, it is there. Soon too, Columbus will experience the promise of spring, for now, we wait.

As my wise husband shared with me this evening, life brings with it many choices. How we view life, how we choose to "see" it will determine the attitude of the run, the journey, the course. Will we choose to see the rocks, the gravel, the cracks on the ground? Will we choose to focus on a "time" and miss the sights? Will we stop for a moment and dance? This race left me with a choice around mile 5. My mind wanted to reach a goal my body just could not achieve that day. Would I push forward in determination, would I be able to sacrifice my "goal" to allow the enjoyment of the sight and sounds to be caught? What was more important today?

As in life, numbers will be forgotten, metals will rot away, but the sight of the colors of earth, the sound of echoing cheers, and the feel of my husband's hand in mine will last for eternity. Thank you God for helping me to "see".... I love you Aaron.


Troy Plant said...

Great post, and it was great to share the memories with the both of you! Have a great week and blessings.

Catherine said...

Thank you for sharing your heart! We do love & serve a Glorious God indeed! I enjoy seeing Him in His creation (as you captured so beautifully), but this weekend, I was even more grateful to experience His love through you!

Thank you my sweet friend!

Rachel Wojnarowski said...

Very cool, Girl! Did you ever imagine God was going to use running to bring you and Aaron through so many miles of life? :)