This is how we roll!

Posted by Heather Conrad at 9:35 PM

Monday, September 7, 2009

So here it was... a Friday night. With no prior plans, the girls and I headed to the pool for one more time this year, and the boys...started a fire :) In a spontaneous moment, we decided to go camping... Conrad style. Nothing like the great outdoors, of your backyard! The best part - clean potties are only a few steps away.

It was an amazing family night. Dinner consisted of hot dogs (with just a bit of ash), a houge-pouge of potato chips, and for dessert.... smores! We simply spent the evenings outdoors, as as the sun disappeared, the full moon simply glowed above, complete with a smattering of stars that truly twinkled. After some time exploring spider webs and a variety of bugs with our flash-lights, the kids entered the tent for the evening as mom and dad sat by the fire, basking in the joyful glees from their sleepover fun and getting lost in the amazing, mezmorizing changes that take place in a campfire.

All went well... until around 2:30, when the brisk cold weather awoke our sleeping angels, and no amount of blankets and jackets could allow their excited minds to rest, so we simply retreated to our warm beds and slept in just a wee bit later, ready for a breakfast of champions!

My heart was simply filled to the brim with warmth, and it wasn't just from the fire. We are so proud of each of our sweet blessings, that happen to come in the form of little people. Their hearts are so tender to each other (most of the time), and the way they are so fascinated with creation just lends itself so well to pointing towards our creator. He has provided such great opportunities already around our fire pit, we can't wait to see His plan continue to unfold.

Lord, I thank you for simply providing ways for me to soak in your creation like never before. I cherish the time you provide for us to live, laugh, and love together, whether it's an activity or simply a time to cuddle. May we continue to look to you for ways that might be a little "out of the box", yet ways that deepen our bond and create memories that will last a lifetime. I thank you for loving me, and never leaving me. May my faith continue to grow as I place my trust in you. I love you.