Jesus time anyone?

Posted by Heather Conrad at 10:24 PM

Monday, September 7, 2009

If I asked you, what is the purpose of your life in this point of time, what would you say? I know, deep question, yet an important one. If I would answer this question myself, I would have to say that one of my main roles, or purposes, is to be a mom. Being a mom comes with a long list of "hats" in and of itself, but one that I'm learning to claim is to be leading them to the heart of God. Leading so as to allow room for them to claim their faith as their own. As with anything, it's been a process in our home, but I just wanted to share a few ideas that the Lord has brought my way.

Again, not claiming to be an expert, but a humble servant, "Jesus time" started with an intention to create a time and setting in which we can place God first in our day. And I say "we" because it's also important to me that my children "see" me spending time alone with Jesus as well as having time together. "Jesus time" has taken on various forms over the past few years. It began with story-telling through the use of books, dramas with the use of homemade props (stuffed animals entering an ark), time with manipulatives such as playdough and puzzles, and even the use of curriculum materials such that the AWANA program creates. If you're wondering where to start, my suggestion is to take a family field trip. Visit your local Christian bookstore and just peruse, there are tons of great material for all ages available. I've found that the more they participate in the process, the more ownership they begin to take in their learning, and more motivation and fun is created.

This school year, the Lord is leading us to spend a week on a particular story. Soon we'll be switching to a week spent on character traits. We're starting to create our own materials in a three ring binder, that suits each child's age span. For example, we looked at the armor of God this past week. By doing a little searching on the net, lots of great reproducible materials can be found. Each morning we discussed another part of the armor. Austin read the verses from Ephesians, Emma read another verse that was indicated on the material we printed, and Brynn pointed to the pictures on the pages that we colored. They each completed an activity related to the armor, and I asked a few questions along the way. If your child is able to read, have them open the scriptures and read aloud, nothing is more sweeter to your ears, I'm telling ya! If your child is not of reading ability yet, there are tons of ways they can participate as well. As you know the learning style of each child (visual, auditory, tactile, hands-on), feel free to get creative to reach each one in their unique way.

At the end of the week, we used some homemade props to dress up in our armor. Really it doesn't need to take up much time, we average around 15 minutes, sometime we only have 5, but we do make it a priority, even if we just have time to pray. I'm telling you, this has been transforming for our day. What I thought might be a drugery after a time, has proved me wrong. I don't get any flack when I announce it's Jesus time. If you allow room for the Holy Spirit to work and move, he will.

Ephesians 3:
20Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

I pray that this is an encouragement to you today. As with anything, it starts with today. And if tomorrow, you don't, the next day you can. I'm learning that living in the "now" instead of focusing to much on the "next", brings numerous possibilities and even unexpected joy. Have a great day in Him!


amykat said...

Heather -
This post inspired me! Because of the close proximity of my office, my husband's office, and Luke's preschool - we are now driving/riding together for a half hour each way every morning. This is going to be our Jesus time, so you have prompted me to get some ideas going for the time in the car!
Thanks friend!