The Four - F's

Posted by Heather Conrad at 1:49 PM

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Days of tradition and celebration are something we look forward to in the Conrad household. Since Austin was little, it's a tradition for us to attend our local city parade. The past three years, Austin has been a part of the parade, complete with baseball uniform, borrowed truck, and bags of candy. Each year we remember stories of years past and laugh about them as if they happened yesterday. One common thread that is talked about each year is the weather, and this year was no different. Complete with traditional plastic grocery bags for candy catching, fold up chairs slung on our shoulders, and clothing attire the colors of red, white, and blue; we needed umbrellas, BIG ones. Did the rain damper our fun? Absolutely not! And from the looks of things, others enjoyed themselves just as well. In fact, one bonus about the rain included a Conrad family nap at the conclusion of a fabulous grilled lunch at some dear friends home.

Memories of this year? After our refreshing siestas, we had a wonderful opportunity to spend some time at a friend's home, catching up with those we haven't seen in awhile, and meeting some new ones. Thank you Neff family for welcoming us with open arms and treating us as one of the family. Isn't it interesting how this happens? I used to see this as a coincidence. Friend knows a friend, said friend is having a get together, because of association, other said friend gets invited to join the party. Yet, in the slow and gentle way that I now recognize as the way of my Jesus, he now gives me an understanding of the treasures that come with delighting in his ways. Getting to know Jesus, and desiring to seek him, thirsting for more of Him, on a daily basis, results in the Lord graciously giving me the desires of my heart- even those I didn't know I had. (Psalm 37:4)

During our time together, the question was asked, what do you like most about Fourth of July? As each guests shared their answer, I had the privilege of getting just a glimpse of their heart and uniting with them in a common bond - the pride of being an American. My favorite memory of the night came when my good friend Amanda shared her clever answer - the Four F's - food, family, friends, and fireworks. Pretty much sums it up! Thank you Lord for a day to push away from our daily routine and to sit at the feet of one another in celebration, to share some past memories, while creating new ones. What memories unfolded for you this year?