Hair today, gone tomorrow

Posted by Heather Conrad at 3:54 PM

Saturday, July 5, 2008

What is it about girls and their hair? If we have long hair, we look at short hair cuts, if we have short hair, we can't wait for it to grow long again, if we were born with straight hair, we secretly envy the spiral-lock beauties, and if we have curly, we spend hours with a straight-iron (or, if you're like my sister Lindsey, you'll straighten your beautiful locks, then curl them AGAIN with a straightener for a "different look").

We all see the beauty in others, but sometimes strain to look in the mirror and find beauty in ourselves. Who do we "look" at to define beauty? Do we simply look at the world around us and adapt their view (TV commercials, magazines, billboards)? It's so easy to, it smacks us in the face daily. What is it about hair that can make us feel beautiful, or the most unattractive girl in the world? Why is this accessory so unique to us women?

I dare to venture that our hair is an outward sign of how we define ourselves. I've heard southern ladies passionately talk about the BIG hair style days, the rebellious nature in us might experiment with some color(s), and the conservative nature in us will stick with the simple, low-maintenance "do". In catching a few TLC shows over the years, I remember hearing an "expert" say that we women tend to keep a hairstyle that defines a time in our lives when we felt beautiful, and often young and vibrant. We flex back and forth between all these choices, what is a girl to do?

Well, this girl just decided a week ago to go from a middle-of-the-back length to a just-above-the-chin length. I had an itch for something "new", saw cute short hair styles everywhere, and decided to make the call, before I talked myself out of it. That first cut is always a doozie, but I walked out a free woman! Free of the "weight", delighted with a stylish new look. Guess what my thoughts were today, just one week later... you guessed it, I missed my long hair. I decided to share my "true confessions" with Aaron. His response:

"No way. I love your short hair."

I love my man.

From one woman seeking beauty in how my Lord and Creator defines it, what has he taught you about beauty?