Devotional Thursday

Posted by Heather Conrad at 12:08 PM

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grace... doesn't that word just roll off the tongue like smooth butter. It's an amazing word, with an amazing meaning. Today's devotional comes from one of my favorite authors, Max Lucado (insert girly squeal!) Our family had a chance to meet him at a book signing, and we teasingly talked about using that for our Christmas Card family photo. He is a truly kind, generous, and transparent man.

Before I share the devotion, needed to take a short side trip with you. Today my five year old and I enjoyed some time at a different park. At this park, there is a balance-beam-type of bridge, the kind that swings as you attempt to cross it. I watched my little darling walk across it with ease, then I heard, "Mommy, you try it." "Oh boy, this ought to be something..." I thought. Already chuckling to myself, I attempted to cross. My thoughts ran something like this... slow and steady. Well, I was slow, definitely not steady. In fact, the more I attempted to correct the swaying, the faster I swayed until I finally fell off. I attempted a different tactic the second time (I couldn't just leave it at that!). I decided to just ignore the swaying and keep pressing forward, in effect, using the swaying to guide me across. Guess what? I crossed with ease. Ain't this life? As life swirls around us, we look down in a futile attempt to ground ourselves. Much different outcome when we look up and walk forward, even with the swaying all around us.

Insufficient Funds

People cannot do any good work that will make them right with God. Romans 4:5

If Christ had not covered us with His grace, each of us would be overdrawn on our heavenly bank account. When it comes to goodness we would have insufficient funds. Inadequate holiness. God requires a certain balance of virtue in our account, and it's more than any of us has alone. Our holiness account shows insufficient funds, and only the holy will see the Lord; what can we do?

We could try making a few deposits. Maybe if I wave at my neighbor or compliment my husband or go to church next Sunday, I'll get caught up. But how do you know when you've made enough?...

If you are trying to justify your own statement, forget ever having peace.... You are trying to justify an account you can't justify.... "It is God who justifies" (Romans 8:33)


Rachel Wojnarowski said...

I love that verse in Romans! Neither can we do anything to "keep" our salvation. Love it, girl.