Posted by Heather Conrad at 7:21 AM

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sometimes in life, it's just great to anticipate something, to look forward to a future event and all the possibilities it holds in it's hand. Perhaps you can recall your prom night, perhaps your wedding, maybe even a birth, or a favorite vacation. As the "day" draws nearer, you get twinges of butterflies, wonder, or even giddiness. Perhaps a bit of fear, or nervousness of all that could transpire takes it's gripe for a few moments, then your mature side tells you to stop dwelling and get back to the excited part. That's me. I'm anticipating Nashville, TN.

What's there you may wonder? Well, at some way-to-early in the morning time, my husband and I will be waking up, drinking fluids, and tying up our laces. We hit the pavement once again to travel a road that is roughly 13.1 miles, and I can't wait!!

Why you might say? Though a race always brings with it lessons galore, closeness with my Jesus, and a high like no other, I'm also looking forward to the entire weekend. Thanks to my gracious and loving parents, Aaron and I will be able to spend time with some "internet" friends while they generously let us hang our hats in their home for the weekend, AND we have friends from Columbus traveling down as well! Click here to read more about their "story" as they journey this course for the love of their daughter.

Even more than precious time together, even more than beautiful sights to see, even more than special memories yet to come - I want to pause this morning and simply say "thank you". Thank you Lord for all the awful "training" runs that have led us to this point, thank you for all the aches and pains that continuously point me to you and your strength, thank you for my life-time partner and our opportunity to journey together, thank you for precious friendships that simply enrich our lives. Thank you for your provision, may I never take that for granted. Have a wonderful day in Him!


Rachel Wojnarowski said...

Love the post! I'm definitely in the anticipation mode as well. :)