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Posted by Heather Conrad at 10:47 AM

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's that time again...

Book report, I mean book "review".

Let me just tell you how humbling it is to put forth a few words, an opinion, in regards to not only the inspiration of God through an author, but to pitifully offer my view on the living word of God himself. So instead of thinking on the later, I'll choose the former.

In my opinion, this is a great compilation. Throughout this New Century Version Bible, there are some remarkable insights, notes, and history that greatly enhance the readers reflection with corresponding passages. Woven throughout the scriptures, you'll also find excerpts on God's character, ways of "passing it on", and topics entitled, 'walking in...'

The contributors include, Bobbie Wolegemuth, Missy Wolgemuth Schrader, Regina Sentell, Jennifer Case Cortez, and Robert Wolgemuth. Bobbie is an author, artist, and musician who loves being a wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. She has a background in elementary education and music, and loves to bring spiritual truths to life in creative ways. Her daughter, Missy, has also taught elementary and middle school and is currently the Family Life Director for the Christan school where her children attend. Regina is a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner, wife, mother, grandmother, speaker, teacher, and mentor. Jennifer is a wife, mother and editor for Wolgemith & Associates, Inc. Dr. Robert Wolgemuth, husband and father, is a speaker and best-selling author of over 20 books.

In addition to the insights woven throughout the scriptures, the topic index towards the back are very helpful. One such index features the moms in the bible. I enjoyed reading about beloved figures as the authors wrote about aspects of their life stories in such a relateable way. There is also a section entitled 'Answers to Questions Kids Ask"' - very valuable. After each question, verses are sited as well as commentary to address each question - great to use with adults and kids alike!

The version I have is hard back, very durable. This could be a great gift idea for any mother, or parent for that matter. I highly recommend it!

Thanks for indulging my quick 2 cents. From one wanna-be-book-worm, sometimes half the battle is simply knowing what's available and how to get your hands on it. Lots to digest, may the Lord create a connection for you today. May you find yourself with the desire to follow through. Have a great day in Him!


Rachel Wojnarowski said...

cool girl! sounds like a good one for me,the jack of all mothers with a Master of One! :)