Posted by Heather Conrad at 3:40 PM

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feeling a little sheep-ish today? This animal is most known for being... dumb, yep pretty downright dense. Only my Jesus can direct my attention to this particular creature to open my eyes to revelations of all sorts. Will you join me in this adventure?

The kids and I are taking a look John Chapter 10. Jesus shares with us a parable that is shock full of good stuff. Do me a favor and take a commercial break from American Idol tonight and read these verses. I believe the Lord is directing me to share some insights and ask some questions to get us to reflect on our Good Shepherd in perhaps some new ways. We're also going to be taking a look at Psalm 23 as well. Here we find David doing a little bragging, one sheep to another, about his marvelous Shepherd.

Here's a few questions to get ya ponderin after reading:

1. What are some things a good shepherd does for his sheep?
2. What do false shepherds do? (read also Ezekiel 34)
3. What are some ways to recognize "Jesus' own sheep", and what does Jess do for them?

If you're one that also like "extra credit" (wink, wink). I highly recommend the book, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, written by W. Phillip Keller, a former shepherd himself. Go to your local library's' site and reserve it, then you could read it for free. Really, I rarely read books more than once, and I stayed up extra late last night because I was just eating up these beautifully written, deeply insightful words.

Throw away your excuses, stop those rolling eyeballs, and get ready to grow! It'll be fun! Baaaa-baaa for now (groan, I know.)