The last HU-RAH!

Posted by Heather Conrad at 3:23 PM

Monday, August 24, 2009

Twas the week before school, and all through the house, all creatures were stirring, even our "mouse". As we filled up our time with last minute summer fun, my camera fearlessly snapped, attempting the catch all the moments in the sun.

We began with a trip to Cleveland, Ohio. Back to our roots, down the red-brick road to Lamson Ave. where my parents have lived for the past 26 years of their life. We love visiting Grandma and Papa. She always has the best treats ready to consume, plans to fill up our fun days, and beds made where her little ones once lay. We had bee-utiful weather this week, in fact, we had the best day for the beach. Yes, the beach of Mentor Headlands, one I frequented growing up, and lo and behold, there were even waves that day! As I tucked the kids in at night, I couldn't help but reflect on the changes that time brings. Many things in Bedford have changed over the years, but some have not, and those struck me the most. The same ladies who serve at a co-op nursery school, the same lady who lives at the end of the street, the same parents who loved my siblings and I with all their hearts, now pour forth the same love into their grandkids. Jesus, you have blessed us beyond words.

Next we planned a family day at King's Island. Another amazing day with perfect weather, definitely a highlight of our summer. We were so proud of them, they walked, waited, and rode rides for 12 straight hours. All this complete with some cash in our pocket and a camera in the other - no strollers, diaper bags, sippy cups, or A bag for that matter - ushering in a new season of our lives. They are STILL talking about it :)

We joined the Heart Walk in Columbus in support of our friends and in honor of Great-Grandpa Anderson, yet another beautiful day. We continued to add a baby shower, a birthday party, a visit to the hospital for the birth of another baby, a baptism, and at the end of the day, sat by the fire in amazement of the summer. God is good, all the time, all the time, God is good.

So here's to another amazing summer, looking forward to another year of learning. For all of these, I sit in awe.
Taste and see that the Lord is good... Psalm 34:8


Treasure Hunter said...

Love the "new" bonfire pit. We've got one too, but yours looks so professional. We just piled all our "river rocks" in a circle! Ha! That's Carolina Style.

mardeed said...

Life is good - praise God!!!