Posted by Heather Conrad at 2:46 PM

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I had the sheer pleasure of being surrounded this past Friday night and most of Saturday. Surrounded by what you may ask? Paper, paper, more paper, trimmers, adhesive, books, pictures, brads, flower do-hickies, scissors, stickers, paper punches, corner rounders, chocolate, stamps, stamp pads, glue, double-sided-sticky-tape, but most importantly, ladies who so passionately pursuit a creative way to leave a legacy for those they love (perhaps even those they don't even know).

Sabrina - thank you for the way you inspire me with your eye for photography, but even more so for the heart of Christ for your children. Hiliary - thank you for answering yes to my redundant requests to borrow yet something else I don't have, but even more so for the way you appreciate your husband. Angie - thank you being such an example of one who lives out a prayer life for others, all the while focusing on the race he's marked out for you in looking at Him. Andrea - thank you for your honest approach to life in living out an example for your children that displays a faith that is real. Jen - my beautiful "red-headed" friend, thank you for walking with me along life's road, helping me to learn how to trust in ways I never thought possible - and for lending me the last bit of your tacky adhesive - so generous!

Now I must admit, I was not the girl who came in with a beautiful rolling cart, organizers for all my paper and supplies, nor a cup-holder for my table (thinking of you Tina!), but I did think I could give it a whirl in putting some thought, time and energy into documenting memories with the intention of passing along His words to my children, and even my childrens' children. I decided to focus on one area in particular - the compilation of my running journey, for me, the real-life application of this verse...

Hebrews 12:1
... let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

Now I know that scrapbookin has been around for quite awhile now. You probably reside in the camp of those who love it or those who do not even touch it (or those of us to used to and have slowly realized that this process could be never-ending and get overwhelmed enough to walk away :) My question and my challenge for you is this: What is the Lord showing you today? Take those thoughts, and jot them down, today, right now! It doesn't need to be perfect, beautifully formatted, or even spell-checked, it just needs to be honest. Before the million and one excuses hit your brain, just do it. You'll be glad you did! You just never know how the Lord may want to use them. Take it from one who never who never quite put pencil to paper without visualizing my teacher's red pen in hand, He might just have something he wants to show you, something you thought was reserved for an elite "special" few, something perhaps only He knows about. Will you ask Him to show you today?