Taking a break from the electrical world...

Posted by Heather Conrad at 6:57 AM

Friday, September 19, 2008

I feel like a beverage bottle that has been shaken up rapidly. Currently, I'm attempting to be still and simply let the "particles" float down and settle in their rightful place again. Whew! Here are some random thoughts that have begun to filter through this process...

  • I have enjoyed my time being unplugged... sing with me "don't know what ya got till it's gone..."
  • We're declaring an unplugged night once a month in the Conrad home - game night by candlelight, peanut butter and jelly on crackers! Good family fun!
  • Lots of fun to be had with empty boxes (pinky-dinky do drawings :)
  • So this is why people of yester-year went to bed early?
  • Amazing how much "more" we've seen of our neighbors
  • What did we do before cell phones?
  • I actually liked saving the time on drying on hair!
  • Big ol' cookouts mid-week September - love it!
  • Enjoying a cool breeze while reading with a flashlight, snuggled next to a loved one, so relaxing!
  • Hanging out with friends, doin life, and borrowing their electrical services - special.
  • Pulling in the driveway, pressing the garage door out of habit, realizing your action is all for naught... then watching it rise before you - AWWWWWW! It's back on!
  • Lord, while we're "taking another break from the norm", what was with this whole Carolina thing? (to be continued...)

Thank you Lord for being able to look at ice with so much appreciation. Thank you for answering prayers, even the most simple ones. Thank you for our home. Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for being patient with my questions and my moods. Thank you for the air we breathe. Thank you for the reminders that come at just the right time. Thank you for just being you.


arminda said...

Love the Pinky Dinky Do comment! :) We love that show. But seriously, we didn't lose power at all, maybe we were the only ones in Columbus that didn't it seems. However, your ideas of those family nights seem like something I would love to do here as well. So wonderful that you are able to see the positive in what was such an unfortunate situation for so many.