Swirling thoughts

Posted by Heather Conrad at 3:19 PM

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ever have those moments, part of the day, or the entire day sometimes where random thoughts just bombard your mind? Well, in an attempt to unload a few, here we go.....

  • Wow, the clouds today are something to behold!
  • The kids and I had a great day at Zoombezi Bay yesterday, trying to hold onto the summer. I can't seem to get enough, maybe that's why I have this physical exhaustion today?
  • School shopping - supplies - check, everything else - nope.
  • A dear friend will watch her 20 month old endure another surgery on Monday.
  • What should we grill for dinner tonight?
  • Our friend Stef just returned from a week long stay at the hospital - Happy Birthday Friend!
  • The Olympics - wow! Opening ceremonies... simply amazing! Who has enough creative juices to think up these things? While taking in all the artistry, I couldn't help but be antsy in anticipation of the athletes to enter and the show to begin! I love learning about the history and culture through the commentators as well. The sheer numbers, the costumes, the coordination, the practice, the amount of money spent - yikes! Luckily they re-ran them again this morning, my big mistake was to lay my head down on a pillow. Without DVR, we gotta catch things as they're happening.
  • Our home sale has been pretty quiet lately...
  • My heart goes out to my best friend, my husband, still experiencing some unrelated pains.
  • Still experiencing my lactic acid build up from a run this morning (ugggh).
  • I just came back from my sister's home, going there with the intention of walking their sweet dog Bo. After searching every possible place I could think of - no leash. No cell phone either, what to do? Decided to try the no leash thing..he's a great dog. Started off with a walk, turned into a jog, a pause to water the bush, then there were barking dogs... okay... a three-house walk will have to do for today.
  • The kids are anticipating another trip to Jungle Jack's landing. Gotta love running from ride to ride for 5 hours, all for the low price of $6 - summer-time!
  • Planning on packing the bags once more for a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's this week - we all love it, spoiling comes so naturally for them.
  • Meet-the-teacher this coming Friday - YIKES! This year, I will see 2 of them off for a full-day, and the little one off for afternoon preschool - bittersweet.
  • We picked all the pears from our backyard tree today - anyone need some? (please!)
  • I'm thinking about finally getting around to that final post on the Armor of God... maybe later.

Lord, of all the details that need to get taken care of as a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend, I praise you for being the Rock through it all. I thank you for the many "pictures" of life that flash across my computer screen throughout my day. What a gift to be able to capture a moment in time, and to remember them in the days and years that go by (especially with this short-term memory brain of mine). This is the strand of yesterdays that make up the tomorrows. Thank you for allowing me to trace your faithfulness by looking back, erasing the doubts I have today. I commit to you my passionate pursuit of you.


jen said...

thank you for that prayer Heather :) i needed that right now!! (i feel like you wrote that just for me!!) enjoy the rest of your summer.