What a game!

Posted by Heather Conrad at 11:40 PM

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Words cannot describe, really, they allude me. How does one adequately retell and "pen" feelings with the same vigor and sheer raw emotions that happened in the moment? My last post told of the story of our son Austin's baseball team pulling together for an amazing victory Monday night. Well, they headed to the National League Championship game Wednesday evening and just flew flew an almost perfect game, winning 13-0 against the Giants. This then led them to this evenings match up against the A's for the World Series Championship game. It was actually held on a different field, complete with full dug-out for each team to experience (they loved it!) Well, except for poor Mason who somehow twisted his ankle in said dugout :( Did I mention that his mom rescheduled her induction date for after the game so her sweet husband could pitch and she could come and watch! Amy is one amazing Mama!

Basically, in a nutshell, it came down to the fourth inning, of which they play 5. (Feel free to hit Aaron's blog, he's much better at "these kinds" off details than I). Marlins were down 12-4. With several defenses errors behind them, spirits were a bit low, but then again, they're 8. Their sweet hearts don't stick on anything for too long. From the first batter that hit, the fire ignited! Batter after batter after batter stood at the plate. Hit after hit after hit ensued, and with each hit, the excitement and the energy just took on an amazing crescendo all on it's own. Parents, and coaches, kids and players, standing to their feet, clapping their hands, shouting till their voices strained, hearts beating fast enough to impale your breathing. Time just stopped, nothing else mattered, they had fought the good fight, they had finished the race, they had won! 15-12 (with a 1-2-3 out clincher, double play to top that!)

As I stood in the stands, next to both of my sisters, holding my precious nephew (who was the victim of a little jostling as we stood to cheer! Your Aunt Heather is so sorry baby Jackson!), we watched Austin, remembering how he started this journey, simply swing as if he's been doing this since birth, connect with the ball and watched it soar up and over the outfielders reach and land in the grass beyond. A visual that will forever stick with me as I SO proudly watched my son run to first, then to second, my emotions just overtook me as teas spilled out and gently rolled down my cheeks. As my sisters and I gently wiped each of ours silently, I whispered a prayer...
Lord...thank you. Thank you for this amazing example that will live on in our family's heritage. Thank you for the day that you allowed our son to rise up against the odds (Giants, or A's in this matter), to stay the course (not give into the competitive bickering), to win and lose as a team, and to remind us of the last phrase in that precious verse....

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7

Austin, you are Mommy's hero! I love you precious boy!