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Posted by Heather Conrad at 5:14 PM

Sunday, July 20, 2008

How many of you started the summer with your "lists", whether mental or actually written, of what you planned to do over the next 3 months? As with most summers, the kids and I talk about what would be fun places to visit and create a "wish list". One of the places we frequent is our local library. On really hot days, it's a cool place to visit, on really rainy days it's a dry place to visit, and before long trips, it's a resourceful place to visit and borrow some new movies to view. They also have a great summer reading program with lots of "incentives" for your time spent with the written word.

The great part about this program is that the kids actually remind me about their reading time AND it encourages Mommy to model this reading time as well. It has even encouraged us to be more consistent with "Jesus" time, or time spent in the Bible and other resources because Mommy counts this time as double points! In light of these incentives, the Lord has recently brought to my attention (and my door), some fabulous reads. I'd like to list them for you (many of which can be borrowed, or bought at a cheaper price through christianbookstore.com) Here are some on my current reading list:

Jesus Calling, Enjoying Peace in His Presence, by Sarah Young - a fabulous devotional written by a missionary, takes direct scriptures and writes in a way as if Jesus Himself were speaking to you.

The 7 Hardest Things God Asks a Woman to Do, by Kathie Reimer and Lisa Whittle - a mother and daughter team up to take an honest and insightful look into the liberating truth about what is required of us and the empowerment of the Lord who guides, strengthens, and enables us to do what He asks.

Behind Those Eyes, What's Really Going on Inside the Souls of Women, by Lisa Whittle - helps us readers to meet the cast of Ms. Perfection, Ms. Confidence, Ms. Happiness, and Ms. Spirituality. With humor, compassion, and biblical insight, Whittle encourages women to take an honest look at ourselves, to get real with one another, and to get real with God.

Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyer - helps direct us to know the Word of God well enough to be able to compare what is in our mind with what is in the mind of God. As 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 states, we are to cast down any thought that attempts to exalt itself above the Word of God. If you need guidance to think about what you are thinking about, or to look at the root of your thinking patterns, this book is a great resource.

A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, by W.Phillip Keller -shares his insights into the life and character of sheep, and of the Good Shepherd who loves and cares for them. Experience Psalm 23 in a new way, as Kelley reveals amazing new facets of Christ's love for those who trust him as their guide, protector, source of provision, and faithful keeper.

Becoming a Woman of Prayer, by Cynthia Heald - this study includes scripture as well as quotations from classical writers and thinkers to enhance understanding of our God-given need for prayer. This study takes an honest look at deepening our understanding of prayer so that we can pray more effectively and grow closer to our Lord.

What are you reading? How is God speaking to you?


ang said...

You'll have to pass along any of those that are "must reads". I don't find much time to read "for pleasure" as I call it--and I'm often not brave enough to take the time to read something that I haven't heard good things about--afraid of wasting my time, I guess:) Here are 2 good ones I am reading that are worth the time:

Becoming A Woman of Prayer by Cynthia Heald (well, I'm actually rereading it--it takes a while for things to sink in my brain:)

Creative Correction-Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline by Lisa Welchel