Date Night

Posted by Heather Conrad at 6:19 AM

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baseball cap, baseball glove, some snacks, some drinks - all that was required for a fabulous mother-son date night. Last evening, Austin and I had a rare occasion to just sit in each other's presence and take in a Columbus Clippers baseball game. Very much a spontaneous event, due to a hot afternoon spent swimming, our girls were pretty tired out, so they chilled with Dad. We were first encouraged to attend this event in lieu of a friend gracing the audience with his brilliant vocal rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" (way to go Matt!), and because of it, Austin and I shared some time just enjoying the "talk" of the game.

Favorite memories for me:

  • Wear matching "free" Clippers hats while chewin on some twizzlers
  • Talking about batter's stances
  • Talking batting stats. as shown on the big screen-thingy, asking questions, not just to stir conversation, but because I actually know nothing about them
  • Predicting where the "next ball" would be hit
  • Receiving the "gift" of a ball that the man-behind-us caught
  • Talking "numbers"

Favorite all-time memory - hearing Austin say, "Mom, that was fun", while holding my hand (sniff, sniff). For my little man of little words, this went straight to my heart. I love you Austin.