Posted by Heather Conrad at 9:25 AM

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I woke up this morning, with a strange sensation. Ever have one of those nights experiencing weird dreams? I seem to be experiencing several lately, yet last night's dream was very unique. I don't recall too many details since that first awakened moment, but I do remember watching people. I remember sensing the moment as one of people partaking in a religious ceremony of some sorts. I can tell you about the empty, blank looks on the faces of each person. I watched as they went through the motions of this ceremony of sorts, and left with that same hollow look. People kept entering and leaving, all with lifeless body language. It was at that moment I awoke and my mind's thoughts went right to Jesus, "I am so grateful to have you Jesus." My emotions were so stirred that I experienced tears. Tears that could only express what my words could not. No coincidence it's Christmas Eve morning. Thank you Jesus for some precious moments this morning before my mind was even fully awake. You complete me.

After more reflection, I could have a gratitude list a mile long this morning, but of all the things to list today, I am most grateful to hear the voices of two sweet girls and one grown up man coming from the basement. They are interacting while they play "restaurant". The voices belong to our daughters and their Papa. Aaron's parents arrived from Houston last night, and we couldn't be more grateful. Family, as imperfect as we all are, somehow means just that much more on Christmas.

Jesus, I do want to thank you for one other moment I just experienced today. As cinnimon rolls were baking in the oven, I laced up my shoes to spend a few more moments with you. As my legs were burning, yet my soul filled with joy, I am overwhelmed with answered prayer. Just as I uttered my confession to you as I made my bed, asking to guard my heart, my words, and my attitude, you spoke forth in kindness to my husband and encouragement in a disappointing situation.

Lord, you fill me completely, and that is where I want to reside. My physical limitations pulled me off course yesterday, yet you actualy welcome my thoughts and allow me to leave them with you. As a result, my heart is open and ready to hear from you, walk with you, and even run with you as my flesh wants what it wants. As the train was passing on the tracks this morning, I anticipated waiting for it to leave, stopping my run, yet my body kept moving forward at a quick pace. I remember uttering, "Lord I trust in your plan," and I watched as I approached it, closer and closer - 8 yards, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, train passes, 2 arms go up, 1, and through I go never needing to break my stride. THAT is all you Lord. I see you all around. I am forever, eternally grateful.


jen said...

Thank you Heather, for sharing your stories. I love to hear your stories of those 'little' ways that God is all around, all the time. Merry Christmas!!