The power of a touch

Posted by Heather Conrad at 8:57 PM

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Never underestimate the power of a touch. Just wanted to jump on real quick tonight to share something that came to mind as I was reading through the Psalms. Last Sunday night, our family had the privilege of attending a concert/testimony time of a wonderfully passionate man from Tulsa, OK, by the name of Dennis Jernigan. Aaron posted some wonderful words about this evening, but I just had one more story to share.

Dennis talked very honesty about the struggles we face, one such topic concerning a loss (in death, of a dream, of a relationship), and he compassionately invited people to stand. As He sang words over us, he invited others as the body of Christ to surround these brothers and sisters in Christ with a touch.

I took a few minutes to do a study of verses that contained the word "touch" using Biblegateway, and I took notice of some interesting phrases. Over and over again, my eyes scanned the words - do not touch, must not touch, can not touch, will not touch - in a variety of contexts. As I kept reading, I noticed a changeover once I hit the New Testimony. Suddenly my eyes were reading words of touch in the context of healing. Why? In walks Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Healer, Protector, Redeemer. And that's exactly what took place that evening - pure, honest, real transforming healing, spilled forth in the blood of Christ.

The story I wanted to share? As I felt a prompting to walk forward, reach out, a touch a lady I had never met, a strange sensation took over. Moments later, I too felt the warmth of a touch near my lower back. As I glanced over, my eyes fell upon the source of this small, yet powerful warmth - I was looking into the blue eyes of my youngest daughter. She too felt a prompting. Without fear, without question, without insecurity, she followed the example of the one God has placed in her life. A life she trusts. A life she so easily models. A moment that took my breath away. A moment that warmed not only my heart, but went straight to the depths of my soul. Thank you baby girl. You are a joy and a treasure to me. Thank you for your touch...Jesus.


Jenn@Spejory said...


This is beautiful and so profound. I love how you describe looking at the OT and NT usages of touch. What an incredible witness to the power of such a simple act. Sometimes, no words are necessary and a touch says so much more than words ever could.

Blessings for your day,