A little bit of color

Posted by Heather Conrad at 3:59 PM

Friday, August 1, 2008

Are anyone else's flowers just thriving this summer? As I watered my plants today, I just couldn't get over how well my flowers are growing. Some summers just don't bring enough rain, and the summer sun seems to scorch them, but this year, the sun is just multiplying the blooms like crazy! "Why is that?" I asked myself. Why is this year different than others? Got me thinking....

Well, the soil itself is now a year older, more nutritious and more fertilized from years of cultivation, added peat moss and top soil. The flowers started this season with a great foundation - fair weather conditions, days of rain, cooler weather, just the right amount of sunshine. Because of this balance, the right amount of soil, rain, sunshine, and shade (from our thriving river birch tree) the tiny plants thrived. The more they thrived, the more motivated I became to continue their cultivation. I wanted to see more growth, so I used miracle-grow, and I took time each day to add water, to pluck off dead foliage, and to weed as needed. As a result of the time and energy devoted to these little plants, they grew! And though they don't need as much constant care at the moment, we are able to reap the blessing of the amazing color and brilliant blossoms that have resulted.

As you followed along, did you draw any correlations with your spiritual walk and growth? My mind tends to think along these lines. When I have the right balance in my life, what are the results? When I take time to cultivate my relationship with Jesus every day, what is the result? When I support growth with study (soil), when I add actions of loving my neighbor (water), when I obey the Son (sun), what harvest does this reap? As I grow closer, how does this effect my motivation to keep pursuing him, no matter how many slugs and pests threaten to invade my soil? How do I respond to the weeds that may take root right next to me?

Who says creation doesn't speak to you? Guess I got an earful today, thanks for your wisdom today Lord. You never cease to amaze me! Another added bonus... my children are watching, my children are talking, my children are joining!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9