I love my boys, I miss my girls!

Posted by Heather Conrad at 10:46 PM

Monday, July 28, 2008

What does strange noises, bursts of giggles, and a repeating montaous of movie and commerical lines (in the correct intonations) equal? You guessed it, BOYS! This weekend, I found myself involved in the, "if you can't beat em, join em" phrase, or perhaps, "when in Rome..." All teasing aside, I found complete and utter joy and peace in watching my boys (double AA, aka AAron and Austin) take in some planes (F-16s), cars (Nascar that is), and kissing (bricks that is, it's a Brickyard thang) - loving every minute of it. We are first timers when it comes to the racing scene, but boy do we have such a great appreciation of the sheer intensity and excitment of it all. We were treated like royality- free breakfast, lunch, a tram ride, and top row seats that gave us access to God's natural air-conditioning treatment (of which created comical banter for the couples sitting in front of us, giving us an "in" to ask all the newbie questions we needed). A select few even gained access to a pit tour or garage tour - how? We had the right access, the select ticket. Got me thinkin....

The world tells us only a few select gain access to the "best" seats in the house, added perks, bonuses, and priviledges. God tells us ALL have access to Him through his son. We are all equally sinful and if we confess and ask, the "door" to this access with be open to us forever. I digress...another post for another day :)

Well, thanks to Stanley (Aaron's employer that is), we had the added luxury of meeting #19, Elliot Sadler. We met him at 11:00 (just 3 hours before the start of the race), wearing blue jeans and a comfy white shirt, and listened to him talk as if we were "cousins" hanging outside in hometown hills of Virginia together - he was that humble, down to earth, and simply funny. Austin happened to have a North Carolina Tarheels hat with him (go figure) and lo and behold, guess who is a fan of the Heels as well? Big ol' signature right on the brim - precious memories!

While we were sharing some dinner this evening at Damon's, celebrating Aaron's birthday (have to finish boy-time off with a bang - big screen TVs!), we got to talkin about our "favorites". After Austin and I were sharing about our favorite slides we raced down at Zoobsie Bay today, Aaron brought up another favorite from yesterday's race. Just before the race, a voice came across the loud speaker. It wasn't the announcer's voice, wasn't the singer voice, it was a different voice. A voice that spoke straight to my heart - the voice of a prayer. I couldn't tell you the name of the man, nor have I seen his face, but I can tell you I'll never forget this heart. He spoke from a heart of one who walks close to his father, and the biggest smile I had was knowing that thousands of others "heard" it too. I prayed that seeds were planted that afternoon, just minutes before the race. Seeds that when watered, will grow to thirst for the living water, the only one that can truly quench our thirst. The only that came to seek and save the lost.

Thanks Mom and Dad for spoiling the girls! Cannot wait to have them home tomorrow!